Longboard Skateboard

Longboarding is a new and exciting trend on getting around on four wheels. Riding a longboard skateboard is a totally different experience to old school skateboarding.

A longboard is rarely intended for tricks. Longboarders instead enjoy cruising, sliding, riding downhill or using their longboard skateboard to get around town. Different longboards have different purposes, so choosing your first longboard as a beginner can be a difficult task.

As the name suggests, a longboard is longer than its skateboard cousin. Within this design there are numerous variations, and riders have their own preferences. Subtle differences in the geometry of the board can affect its ride and its suitability to perform certain tasks. For example, a long, heavy board would be more suited to cruising and transportation than a short, flexible board. The other variables in the equation are the trucks, bushings, bearings, risers and wheels, all of which affect the ride differently.

If you are considering purchasing a longboard skateboard or any parts or accessories, please read through the reviews on this site to get an idea of what’s out there.

Longboarding is an awesomely fun hobby that keeps you active and fit at the same time, so please come and join the friendly community!